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• Burns calories and regulates weight, burning up to 700 calories per session!
• Relieves tension, stress and fatigue
• Renews immune system health
• Normalizes cholesterol
• Lowers blood pressure
• Relieves pain, muscle tension and fatigue
• Improves skin tone and eliminates acne
• Improves cardiovascular conditioning and allows cardiovascular workout for those who might not otherwise be able to
exercise (those in wheelchairs)
• Decreases joint stiffness, edema and other inflammatory conditions
• Stimulates cellular and enzyme activity
• Improves flow within the lymphatic system
• Increases circulation and nourishes damaged tissue
• Clears cellulite by breaking down the fat and waste stored in pockets below the skin
• Promotes the adhesion and osmosis of water molecules across the cellular membrane
• Decreases the Density of Uric Acid
• Reduces the Effects of Injuries
• Encourages Lymphatic Drainage
• Encourages Metabolic Rate
• Reduces Pathogenic Bacteria, Fungus and Parasites
• Prevents Premature Aging
• Encourages Weight Loss by increasing metabolism and body temperature

The Photon-­‐Genius Mega Energy Transmissions:

• Alleviate pain
• Detoxify the body
• Strengthen cardiovascular system
• Devitalize and clear pathogens, fungus, mold, bacteria, germs, etc.
• Regenerate tissue & bone
• Improve symptoms of most diseases
• Reflow nerve pathways
• Empower body’s immune system
• Promote longevity
• Promote weight loss (30 minute session burns over 700 calories)

Noticeable & Comprehensive Health Benefits

Using the Photon-Genius produces potent antioxidants, neurotransmitters and artery wall relaxers. The Photon- Genius helps regulate muscle tone of the arteries and prevents arteriosclerosis and is anti-inflammatory preventing injury to vessel walls and normalizing blood pressure in the process.

Using the Photon-Genius produces powerful brain cell protectors, neurotransmitters, memory and learning enhancers (transmitting harmonic, balanced chemical messages in the brain).

The Photon-Genius transmits, imprints, and reminds the human body at the cellular level of the essential creative process of perpetual enlivening energy that results in more natural and empowered regenerative processes throughout the body.

The Photon-Genius is a wonderfully safe and easy-to-use dynamic means of achieving ever-accelerating levels of health, wellness and more efficient, natural regeneration and rejuvenation. The Photon-Genius technologies provide “noticeable” and “comprehensive” health benefits to make your body the best it can be.

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