We are spirits having a human experience
Many of us would like to be able to live in environments that allow us to maximize our creative and spiritual potential with fewer distractions.
We would like to create spaces where we can live peacefully, prayerfully, and meditatively.
We would like to live with kindred spirits whose presence lends itself to our better development.
We wish to create Beauty. We wish to be non-violent.
We want to be able to put Love to the ultimate test.
It is our firm conviction that as spiritual beings our presence on this planet can make a difference.
We wish to use our skills and talents to create an abundance of all things we deem necessary.

It is our joy to celebrate the integrity of the human spirit
We feel that such communities can mobilize the best in human nature towards bringing out the utmost in human potential.
We would love to be able to utilize technology that makes our lives more comfortable and pleasant, knowing that such technology is based on a science that reveres the sanctity of human life and the environment.
We would like to be able to use energy sources for our power supply needs that do not harm us and our environments.
We would like to grow and eat food that is not saturated with chemicals, breathe cleann air, and drink safe pure water.
We do not wish to support economic structures that support the rich & ruthless at the expense of the poor & rather silent majority.
We wish to leave the planet better off for our having been here

………….Why Spiritual?
We are spirits having a human experience It therefore follows to reason that during the course of this experience sufficient attention must be given to the spiritual world, and to ourselves as spirits. These Communities will therefore allow there to be the intentions and the mechanisms for healing & spiritual processes that would allow participants to focus on the inner-world to such an extent that together the community creates an energy-field, that serves as a catalyst for healing, growth & transformation, and the creation on the material plane externally of those realities that correspond to the inner reality of the community members. These communities will also serve as energy-fields around the planet that will within the natural order of things, interlink with all other similarly vibrating energy-fields around the earth, adding to the criss-crossing vibrations of consciousness that are serving to raise consciousness on this earth, and we will be playing our part in facilitating this transition. Naturally the communities will serve as healing, and empowering catalysts for all who enter into them.

……Why This Invitation?
We share a common vision. Peace and Abundance on Earth and Goodwill amongst all men & women.
For this dream to come true more and more people have to begin to give it more than just lip-service.
The time has come for spirits to walk their talk. We need active participation of all types, on all levels, from all countries, from all people, regardless of religion, race, culture, or other perceived difference.
We envision these communities being established all over the globe! You live somewhere on this planet, and our projects can only be successful to the extent that kindred spirits around the world choose to get involved, and work with us in whatever way you can.

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