In the secret heart of the secret mountain, that is visible from the secret lake, rests the dark light, of the eternal sun, that shines with cool light, in the dark.

It illumines the shadow of the way, giving direction to the wandering seeker of depths.

There can be no wandering from this path, because only this path exists.

Those whose eyes are brightened by the allure of the million reflections, paddle in vain to tire themselves.

In this way too, one comes to see the source of all reflection.

Were it not so, the winds that blow within the seven caves of the secret mountain would fan no flame.

To neglect the winds that blow though the sails of the depth-faring vessel, is to give no fuel to the living force.

It is the Light that we seek in darkness. Therefore it must be understood that darkness is on the path to the light. It can be no other way.

Unwillingness to accept darkness, creates pretentiousness. For darkness is enveloped by light, as much as light is to be found in darkness.

Pretentiousness consummates hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy mimics the light

Mimicry of the light cripples the awareness of the secret heart of the secret mountain, that is visible from the secret lake where rests the dark light of the eternal sun that shines with cool light in the dark.

The Light is, you are. You Are, the light is.

You are, the drum is, the dance is, the song is, the sun is, the wind is, the ocean is, the grass is, the bird and the lion are, this page contains all you need to know.

May Peace Be With You

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