The internet at once creates a reality of a transcendent type, a web-like structure that brings kindred spirits together, and allows for a sharing and the exchange of human and material resources, as well as for planning, and for the eventual implementation of ideas on the material plane.

The Advisory Board is a global (international) human resources network. The Members are actually a brain-bank (some would say a think-tank) that the organisation can call on for advice and guidance, information and referral services, and at times actual consultation on real projects.

Membership is not limited to Internet Subscribers. All are indeed welcome.

The Advisory Board serves as an invaluable tool in the facilitation of this organisations growth as an international vehicle for human services, education and transformation.

This Advisory Board also serves as a resource base for volunteers, consultants, and other staffing requirements from time to time.

Curriculum Vitae/Resumes are most welcome.

Medissage Centers, through this Advisory Board, seeks to encourage and invite closer and more meaningful participation from, and involvement in the global community. We are interested in people from all walks of life.

Participation is voluntary and supportive parties are kindly invited and welcomed to register HERE.

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