Dedicated to the establishment of a global network of spiritual and healing Spaces designed to facilitate health and the raising of consciousness on the planet earth, under the Guidance of Swami Gyankirti.

Medissage Centers Provide Services Focusing On The Following Areas:

The Promotion of Inner Awareness and Growth

Meditation and prayer will provide the essential foundation for communion with the Divine and Spiritual Empowerment. An unlimited variety of ancient, traditional, non-traditional, modern and futuristic disciplines and methodologies will be utilized.

The Prevention of Dis-ease, Disease, & The Promotion of Health

Facilitated through the provision of Educational Programs and Services, the Development of Products, and the provision of Preventive Health and Healing Services, traditional and non-traditional.

The Prevention of Cruelty to Children

Seeking to ameliorate conditions for children through educational, recreational, and rehabilitative programs, as well as direct intervention where applicable.

Human Empowerment

Facilitated through the provision of educational programs and services and self-sufficiency skills and techniques, as well as the establishment of model Spaces.

The Protection and Preservation of The Environment and Wildlife

Implementation of programs for environmental education and the preservation of wildlife and the environment. The establishment of programs for the development of Alternative and Renewable sources of Energy.


To cater to the needs of each individual as a unique being, and through its services to provide for the needs of the whole body: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

To bring together the best in modern medicine with the best of the ancient traditions in a collaborative therapeutic milieu that aims to provide the best health-care possible.

To be dedicated to the restoration of wholeness in man, and through its activities provide for the revival of the ancient and traditional mystical healing arts, the bridging of the gap between man and his Divine nature, and provide a forum for the teaching and sharing of new methods and ideas.

To research and develop natural products and services, and for the enhancement of health.

To provide a community environment where an energy-field can be created through inner work, that will serve as a catalyst to healing, spiritual growth, and human transformation.

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